Newcomers: How to File Your Taxes in Canada

Filing Taxes As A Self Employed Canadian

Read on to get a thorough overview on how to start your small business in Canada. I will split my refund up between my emergency fund, savings, and my investment account. TurboTax is meant to guide you through each step so you know exactly what you’re supposed to be doing. Your biggest job is just making sure you have all your documents at the ready. I’m Jessica and I’m a millennial money expert, speaker, Accredited Financial Counsellor Canada®, award-winning blogger, host of the More Money Podcast. If you charge HST or GST, you also report those amounts here, but they’re subtracted out to give you something called your “adjusted gross sales” — or your total sales, minus any GST or HST you collected.

  • Ok, so hopefully I’ve answered a few of your questions already, but now let me break down the process of filing your self-employed taxes for the first time so you can start taking action .
  • Remember, filing your taxes is also the only way to be considered for government benefits such as provincial or territorial tax credits, the GST/HST tax credit, and the Canada Child Benefit.
  • By doing so, you can keep your tax affairs in order, avail of every relief you’re entitled to and even get a Canadian tax refund.
  • Further, if you are eligible and are receiving Old Age Security, you will receive a different slip, the T4A, from the CRA.
  • It is an offence to knowingly submit false information on your return.

TD has more than 1,100 branches and can also serve you in more than 50 languages. TD has thousands of ATMs across Canada to help you take care of your everyday banking quickly and easily. With over a thousand branches and a reputation for Filing Taxes As A Self Employed Canadian excellence in financial services, TD has become one of the largest and most trusted banks in Canada, now serving 16-million Canadians. Some or all of the fees you pay for daycare, a nanny or even summer camps may be tax deductible.

Tax summaries for Canadian drivers

And if you don’t already have a CRA My Account, this should be the first thing you do before starting your tax return as it may take some time to set up. You can use them if you’re an employee, an employee with a side hustle, or fully self-employed. Not only that, they offer different versions of their software depending on how much support you need, such as do-it-yourself, Assist & Review, or Full Service. If this is your first time filing self-employed taxes, I’d recommend trying out Assist & Review or Full Service if you feel like you’ll need some extra support and advice with your tax return. Besides being your own boss, the biggest perk that comes with being self-employed is the business expenses you can claim on your tax return to lower your taxable income.

  • A T4 is necessary to file your tax return in Canada; it’s a summary of the income you’ve earned as well as the tax you paid during the specific tax year.
  • Normally, Canadian individual tax returns for any specific year must be filed by April 30 of the following year.
  • This is the tax filing deadline for individuals and sole proprietorships who are not self-employed full-time.
  • Usually, the deadline is April 30, but since that date falls on a Sunday this year, you get a 24-hour extension.
  • When your business has a general sales tax , harmonized sales tax , and/or provincial sales tax number, you must collect tax on all sales you make and send that money to the government.

If they deem you to still have significant ties to Canada, you will be a resident for tax purposes. It should be noted that Canadian government staff and Canadian Armed Forces employees stationed abroad are usually considered tax residents. Under these rules, as a non-resident Canadian citizen, you will only be required to pay taxes on the income you receive specifically from Canadian sources.

How to file your taxes

Examples where it is not required include property rental applications, credit card applications, subscribing to phone or internet providers, or applying to a college. You do not have to claim the donations you made in 2022 on your 2023 tax return. It may be more beneficial for you to carry them forward and claim them on your return for any of the next five years. Feel free to use our Live Chat and we can help you with your T2202 or if you need help claiming your tax back, feel free to use our tax refund calculator to see how much you are owed. That way, you can carry forward as much as possible to use in a future year.

How do I pay taxes if I am self-employed in Canada?

As a self-employed person, you must fill out Form T2125, the Statement of Business or Professional Activities. This form helps you calculate your gross income, which is the total amount of money you earned during the year.

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